Thursday, March 11, 2010

Story Story

Well, Ive been working the last two days, and havent been able to write any posts. But I do have been able to write pen-and-paper; tell me what you think (Ill explain it after):

The dingy old sign hanging crooked on the chain-link fence read "Boat Owners Only" in faded black letters, but the stranger hunched over one of the posts didnt seem to care. He had kicked the gate open and pulled his great black case inside; the deserted aging dock greeting him with a groan when he lay his wieght upon it.

The grasses around the wooden dock were long and pale, the landscape bleak and overcast under a misty fog. The last of the late-winter's snow clung to the background, mixing with the dull grey-brown of the early-spring mud. One set of footprints made its way accross the grey wooden planks- his.

It was a small, church-going town he was in, and today was Sunday. The chances of being seen were slim.

He carried his weight awkwardly, as if he were carrying some great piece of furniture on his back. Leaning against the post, breathing rather hard, he drew out a length of rope from his pocket, tied it around the handle of the case he gripped tightly in his right hand, and strung the other end around his neck. With a quiet mumble, he leapt off the dock, crashing through the thin ice, the black case still held in his hand.


: So what do you think? :) Its the beginning of a potential story-line (which might evolve into a book) and Im not sure about it. Tell me what you think?


  1. Hang on - is he trying to drown himself? Or is the black case something mysterious he's trying to hide...or something else? Even though the idea seems rather odd, you definitely have drawn me in. I just don't know how in the world you can make that into a whole story! ;)


  2. I see the potential for a great story! I was captivated by just the first few paragraphs and now have many questions needing answers. :) Keep writing!

  3. Ill post the "more" just for you! :)