Monday, March 15, 2010

Movie Music

Have you ever realized that it's the music that makes you sit on the edge of your seat or cry tears of joy while you watch a movie? What if we did the same to our lives? I know its a funny thought but Im quite serious.

The music I like listening to while I sit and write has always been the music you find in movies. You can guess that by my playlist- the orchestra happy-and-sad music. The music I listen to always seems to have an effect on my writing. Good thing? Bad thing? I dont know. :)

Mood of the Day:

Woad to Ruin, #40.

Composed by Hans Zimmer.

Why? Its a song that both reports hope and ruin at the same time. The scene I have in my head as I listen is a King losing a son, beloved- his first born. The battle that brought such turmoil was lost, there are no rejoicing in the streets. The King rises himself to his full height and orders that all the troops who have lost hope in winning the war to stand together. This is no time to fail. They will unite together against a greater enemy... but for the revenge of a fallen prince.

The calvary calls a charge. The little silence before the yell makes everyones heart leap and their skin tingle. The King armors up in righteous anger against the ones who had slain his son. He throws his sword before him, his hand clutching the hilt like a flag. The first steps of battle were upon them...

Listen to the song and fill in the ending. Picture the scene and complete it in your mind. Thats what I do when I listen to something like this. I enjoy it more than watching the movie itself. Tell me what happens in your scene in the comment area. Id love to hear what you think of!

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  1. Oh yes, the music is almost the best part of the movie. It certainly makes the mood!

    That song is very dramatic and stirring. I definitely picture a scene like the Rohirrim preparing to charge in LotR, or the Narnia battle scene. At the same time, it also is calm and peaceful determination. It is as though they are so fixed in their duty that there is no turning back, no faltering. They will press onward, regardless of the outcome.

    And then comes the battle. This is pretty intense music, but even still, the sorrowful, sailing melody flows throughout.

    Wow - it just keeps going. :P I can imagine all the urgency and decisions that have to be made in an instant on the battlefield.

    Then it seems as if there's a march, almost like a victory march, except that the music is still sad. Perhaps they defeated the enemy, but in the end they found the king's dead body on the battlefield. So the march is a funeral march back to the castle. :(

    What movie is this song from anyway? ;)