Thursday, May 20, 2010


Ive been riddled with bullets,
I can no longer stand.
My heart is pounding,
my chest to my hand...

Ive been fighting a good fight
atleast what they say;
the battle took hours,
All night and all day.

I crawl to the edge
Of the Veteran's Hill;
On these long green tresses
Much blood has been spilt.

The sounds in my ears,
are of death closing in...
I feel like a Saint
Drowning in sin.

I was here to fight,
protect and to win-
The freedom of innocents
whose lives that were pinned
To Depravity, and Depression
And Death and Doubt,
But my acts seemed in vain,
my words merely spout.

They loved their enslavement,
their chains, their fetters.
They loved oppression
and bowing to betters.

They desired scarred hands
over freedom and life.
They wanted lonesomeness
over Family, and Wife.

They fought over scraps,
when the table was open.
They didnt want to live,
they were happy with "coping".

I tried to explain
that Life was so much more.
But none would turn ear
Nor open their door.

I tried to show them
by demonstating myself.
I longed to show them
the extent of my Wealth.

I wanted to love them,
they were so lost.
Like strangled new plants
under mid-spring's frost.

But they denied me,
they werent able to see;
That the reason they're breathing
was all because of me.

So I told them one last thing
To try and get some eye.
The only way I free them
is to go and die.

I fought for thier hearts
I fought for their souls
I threw my all into it,
Love was my goal.

And when the last shot
from Heaven was heard...
I fell down the Valley
with not another word.

And now I lay dying,
Hoping and pleaing.
That those whom I saved
Would stop all their fleeing.

That my fight to free
their children and wives,
and gave up my soul
for their very lives,
would change something in them
Even just a small bit
They would finally realize
they're stuck in a pit.

One man's death
for a million's escape,
from the inevitable death
that's every mans fate.

I wish I could say
that they all ran free.
I wish I could say
they remembered me.

But even though
I crawled to the top
And let open the gates
That all others stopped,
they still loved their monotonous
rambling slop.

Nothing I can do
can make them realize!
That they live a life
that leads to demise!

And I went to my death
fighting for Light
fighting for Good to win
Wrong to Right...

I hope some will listen,
I hope some will turn.
I dont know yet...
Who will learn?


  1. I wrote this to the music of Evenstar (#5).. and it was so close to my feelings.

  2. Wow, this is really good. Really deep. Is it from your perspective, or from God's? It seems to start out from yours and then go to His.
    This is very well-written and expressive! I listened to Evenstar while reading it, and it does fit perfectly.
    Who says you can't write poetry? ;)

    Love you,