Monday, July 19, 2010

A Moment to Stop

Well, I figured it was time for me to return to my blog, after a long and much-needed break.

Here's whats been happening in the last month or so:

I have finally finished all of the paperwork needed for college. Im so excited to be going in just a month! The fears that used to consume me have lifted everytime I find and meet someone new who is going there, either on facebook, or in real life! God has been really showing me how miracles in my life can happen, and are happening.

It's been hot up here these past few weeks, and in the midst of packing up my room in anticipation of college, I've forgotten how beautiful and how fun summer can be! :) Im going to try harder this month to stop and look around me... I need to beable to appreciate what I have and where I am now before I can appreciate where I am going.

Ive been writing a new book, called "The Truth" (which I've posted a couple chapters here, to sample). Im feeling more and more confident in my writing, and am having a good feeling about continuing when I get to college, and beyond. For a while, I was afraid that I had lost my writing ability for good, but God had different plans for me, I guess.

As for me, right now, Im just in awe at how much He has been doing for me and for my family. Thank you, and I love you, too, Lord. :)


  1. Wow, you sound busy! I am going to have to find the posts that you made with the Truth and I just found one! :-)


  2. If you want, I can email the chapters to you directly! :) Then you dont have to wait, or hunt for them. :)